Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Traveling in the Japan----good place to have fun

       Traveling is one of my favorite hobby. I think travel can get to know different people and culture, you may have chance to enjoy another lifestyle. Many people will choose a place to visit that culture  is different culture from their own. Also many people will choose a place maybe you can afford, it means you won't be costs a lot when you traveling.

     This is a article about travel to Japan, and the writer is talking about Japan is an affordable country visit for us dollar. I have been to Japan about 5 years ago with my parents, my father always travel to Japan many times a year, sometimes he is on business. My father like Japan very much, he think Japan is a good country, everything is high quality and consumption is not high.  At that time I didn't know the significance of the travel. I could not remember clearly but I think it is a good country to travel again in the future.

      I will recommend everyone should go to Japan and travel with your family or friends. In the recently year, there are more and more people travel to Japan. From Tokyo to Mount Fuji, Japan is a beautiful and flourishing country, people in the Japan is nice and polite. If you have been to Japan, you must love Japan. Japan has many delicious food to eat, sushi, udon, ramen, etc.

       In the Japan,  take high-speed express train is very usually, Japanese takes everyday because it is fast and ticket it more cheaper than take a cap. If you are go travel in the Japan, you can reserved the seats you need and it will be more convenient. You can enjoy the scenery on the way to get relaxed.
It is possible to travel in Tokyo for USD 100 per day, you can check the link here, but it is you choose a good location. 
       That's all I want to say, I think I just talk about a part of the Japan, there are still many interesting thing in the Japan and wait you to discover. You can watch the video, it has advice for you when you go you Japan.

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